Counting down the days!

20141031-IMG_1251  20141031-IMG_1253

My new favourite website/shop/blog/Facebook page, etc. is The Homemakery. I mentioned in my post the other week that I had ordered the Dashwood Studio Christmas Wish advent calendar and things needed to make it in my lunch break on the Friday and was totally shocked when the postman delivered a parcel on Saturday morning. I could not believe how quickly it was delivered and all the bits were so beautifully packaged in striped paper bags and tissue paper, it was so exciting opening it. There was also a handwritten note on the invoice which was a lovely touch. I will definitely be ordering more things from here and keep mentioning how much I love it to Mr Pig seeing as Christmas is just around the corner and he might need some inspiration….

20141031-IMG_1250  20141031-IMG_1257

I could not wait to get started but I am not very experienced with sewing and quilting and the instructions on the calendar itself made absolutely no sense to me at all. I was so thankful for the detailed blog post from the Homemakery with step by step instructions. I got started with the cutting and pressing and top stitching and pinning and it all took a lot longer than I thought it would but I wanted to get it all pinned nicely. I have made a quilt once before and decided not to bother with pressing which I discovered was not a good plan and I learnt to be patient and not to cut corners!

20141105-IMG_1266  20141108-IMG_129120141108-IMG_1288  20141108-IMG_1293

Once all were pinned I started on the sewing. I found it quite difficult to sew without stabbing myself with the hundreds of pins and it definitely got easier as more pockets were sewn on. I think if I were to make another I would probably pin and sew each row at a time to try to avoid the stabbing! Maybe I went a bit over the top with the pins… I took a few pockets off and redid them as they were a bit too wonky and I knew they would annoy me every time I look at the calendar when it is finished!

20141109-IMG_1297  20141109-IMG_1304

Now it is time to start the quilting and I am a bit worried I am just going to destroy my hard work so watch this space! I love all the pictures on the pockets but my favourite at the moment are the owl and ballerina mouse.

20141031-IMG_1252  20141105-IMG_1268


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