Just in time!

20141130-IMG_1314  20141130-IMG_1311

I finished my advent calendar late on 30th November. I could have finished it sooner but I struggled with the quilting, got frustrated and put it down for a week or so. I have learnt a few things in this process:

1) I am not patient and always rush to get things done. I didn’t pin it well enough the first time as I just wanted to get started which resulted in me having to take the quilted bit out and start again due to bunching up of the material. The buttons in the top corner of the quilt were a life saver. There was a tiny bit of bunching in the corner on my last try but I managed to cover it with  the button. I don’t think I could have coped with taking it out for a fourth time!

2) I should follow instructions properly. I totally ignored the article I read that told me to start quilting from the middle outwards which is of course brilliant advice I should have followed to save me time and having to rip the quilted bits out for the third time!

3) I am better at knitting!

4) I actually really enjoyed the challenge and want to do more quilting in the new year. I just need to remember that things wont be perfect the first few times you try. I am really pleased with the final product and the perseverance was worth it!

Here is a picture of it in situ above our fireplace and under all the Christmas lights.

20141130-IMG_1353  20141130-IMG_1355

I have been working on a few other Christmas crafts, more about these to follow but here are some pictures in the meantime:

A wreath inspired by this one I found on Pinterest

20141130-IMG_1341  20141130-IMG_1346

Some decorations for the tree:

20141130-IMG_1336  20141130-IMG_1337

And finally, the Christmas cake:



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