A new lease of life

When we moved into our first home the previous owner kindly left some furniture and I was very excited when I found out she would be leaving her dresser as I have always wanted one! It had a very dark stain on and did not fit with some of our own furniture so I decided to have a go at up-cycling. Below are pictures of how it looked when I started.

IMG_20141025_123201546 Jpeg

Mr Pig suggested I just gave it a light sanding before painting with undercoat but the varnish was coming off in huge flakes and it was leaving the surface extremely lumpy so I decided to sand it all off. Thank goodness we have an electric sander as it look me the best part of two days to do and I dread to think how long it would have taken without!

Once I had sanded it all I gave it a brush down and a coat of primer before painting in Farrow and Ball “White Tie” which is not quite white but not as yellow as cream.

IMG_20141115_144611570 IMG_20141025_151846908_HDR

It took a couple of coats to get it even and looking nice. I replaced the hinges and got some lovely handles from Marks and Spencer. I also picked up some floral paper from Hobbycraft and stuck it in the middle of the doors with some glue. I am really pleased with how it turned out and it now sits perfectly under the stairs covered in my favourite crockery!

20150117-IMG_1395 20150117-IMG_1394






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