Today on my needles…

At the beginning of the year I read this post on Knittingsarah’s blog and knew I wanted to take part. I am looking forward to having pictures of all the projects I do and being able to track my progress. It is such a great idea and there is also a Ravelry thread which should help me keep my projects updated on Ravelry!

So here goes for my first ‘today on my needles’…

I have two projects I am working on at the moment, firstly, the most recent Knit purl hunter knit-a-long Endgame. I am really enjoying this so far but I am a little behind! I am only on clue one of three but I am sure I will get there eventually. I am not sure who this scarf will be given to but I am thinking either my step dad or father in law. It is very rare I knit something that is suitable for men! It is such a clever pattern and the cables look great from both sides. It also has an i-cord edging stopping it from rolling and curling up.

20150118-IMG_1405 20150118-IMG_1407

Today I cast on a hat for my friend’s baby due in February. I felt like a quick project so I found a pattern on 5mm needles and using aran yarn. The pattern I chose was Aly’s Owls. I think I will finish this today and am just trying to decide whether I should embroider eyes on the owls and/or add a pom pom.

20150118-IMG_1399 20150118-IMG_1401


2 thoughts on “Today on my needles…

  1. Lovely projects! I think I would add eyes to one owl so as to define that they are actually supposed to be owls. A non-knitter may not ‘see’ it otherwise.


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