First steps


I started these Mary-Jane baby booties about two years ago for a colleague who had a baby girl. I finished one and never got round to finishing the other and by that point her baby would have grown out of them already. Nobody I know has had a baby girl since so I had no reason to knit the other. Last week my cousin-in-law had a baby girl so I decided to finish!

I used this Easy Mary-Jane baby booties pattern from Ravelry which is a really good, easy and quick pattern to knit up (even if it did take me 2 years to finish!). I used Debbie Bliss cashmerino yarn in a coral colour which is so soft and I love that the colour is not the normal pastel pink often used for baby girls. My gauge has changed a little over the years and I definitely don’t knit as tightly as I used to meaning one bootie was slightly larger than the other but Mr Pig said he couldn’t tell! I used two white buttons from my sewing box for the clasp, I think they are the decorative ones that come on the label when you buy White Stuff clothing!

I will definitely use this pattern again. Two of my friends have had baby boys recently and I am struggling with choosing something to knit for them. It is too warm for hats which is my usual go to! Anyone got any suggestions?

20150520-IMG_1430 20150520-IMG_1425


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