MoonWalk London 2015

My aunt and uncle completed the MoonWalk London earlier this month to raise money for breast cancer charities. This year marked 10 years since my aunt had and recovered from breast cancer so it was a special milestone. Participants walk a marathon around London over night and all must wear a decorated bra (including my uncle!). The theme this year was ‘Saturday night at the movies’ and my aunt asked me to help decorate their bras for the event. I jumped at the chance to help, my aunt asked for something Harry Potter themed and my uncle left the decision up to me! I decided to theme his bra on the minions from Despicable Me as they are bright, colourful and fun. I had a great time in Hobbycraft buying all the bits and pieces and this is how they turned out: image

For the Harry Potter bra I mostly used felt to make Harry and stuck it on with a glue gun. I also used embroidered the phrase from the Marauders map and stuck some felt footprints around this. I made a sparkly golden snitch and stuck it on along with plenty of glow in the dark stars as the event was at night.


The Despicable Me bra was also mainly felt cut and stuck down with a glue gun. I wanted to have both types of minion on to make it look more interesting. I used pipe cleaners for the yellow minions hair and feathers for the purple. For their goggles, I wrapped cardboard in tin foil. I was on holiday on the day of the walk so I was disappointed not to be able to go and support them at the finish line. I was told my uncle became rather worryingly attached to his bra and didn’t want to take it off! They both did really well and completed the walk and have raised over £900 for the charity. I am so proud of them and can’t wait to see pictures of them wearing the bras.



4 thoughts on “MoonWalk London 2015

    1. Thank you! Luckily I only had a few days to do them otherwise I think I might have got carried away with sticking all sorts to them! I had plans for wands and broomsticks and owls etc!!


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