Cupcake Magic

I haven’t blogged about Guiding yet but we do so many crafts and fun things it seems silly not to record the things we do. As a leader it will also be helpful to have a record of the things we have done when coming up with future programmes. I am a leader at a Guide group currently consisting of 21 girls aged 10-14 and coming up with activities that are fun and suitable for all can be quite a challenge.

At our last meeting we had fun baking and decorating cupcakes. We don’t have a kitchen at our HQ so baking and cooking can be a difficult activity to do but is one the girls love so we try to think of ways to fit it into the programme. For the cupcake decorating we bought some plain cakes from the supermarket and roll out icing, sprinkles, spreadable icing etc for them to use to decorate. One of the other leaders even made up some royal icing so they could have a go at piping. We gave them rolling pins and cutters and other tools and let their imaginations run wild. I think they did an amazing job, they are all so creative and it’s great to see the different designs they came up with including a pig, a Minion and a character from the film Spirited Away!wpid-img_20150615_203719102.jpg


We have a microwave so decided to have a go at microwave mug cakes using this recipe. It was great fun and really messy! Some of them girls added a little too much cocoa powder and had extremely chocolatey cakes. The recipe makes a lot of mixture and was perhaps a bit too much for the size of their mugs but the exploding over the top of the mugs made it even more fun! When we do this again I will bring another microwave as one was not enough for 21 cakes. Some of the girls decided to decorate their mug cakes with icing and sprinkles too. I just hope they did not eat it all on their way home as they wouldn’t have slept for days eating that amount of sugar!




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