The never ending blanket


It started to feel a bit colder this weekend and much more like Autumn, we even put the heating on! The colder weather inspired me to get out a long running project, my never ending blanket!


I started this blanket about 3 years ago to use up my left over DK yarn which was taking up lots of space. I really don’t know how to crochet and am not very good at knowing where to insert the hook correctly but I felt like doing something other than knitting for a change! I did think about doing lots of little granny squares but didn’t think I would like sewing them together so I opted for one giant granny square.


I have been adding colours randomly with one round in each colour and like how it is turning out, it’s lovely and bright. I love getting to the end of the round and picking the next colour but as the rounds get bigger, it takes longer to get to this exciting bit! It is no where near big enough yet and I seem to work on it fairly intermittently so it may be a few more years before I finish. It does seem never ending and I am not looking forward to sewing all those ends in!



2 thoughts on “The never ending blanket

  1. Pretty! Definitely weave in as you go. For the ends you already have, line up a movie and grab a darning needle and get ’em done.


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